Membership with PDBA entitles your organization or team to receive a special rate for the following types of insurance:
  • Boat Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Event Insurance
    • USDBF Event/Festival Insurance. The insurance Company has figured a formula for the rating of this as well. The rating is done by the number of teams participating in the Festival/Event. The USDBF Event/Festival Liability covers a club when hosting/organizing any kind of racing event or festival. Please note, your club must also be a member of a (n) USDBF affiliate to access this insurance program. Club liability & Liquor Liability coverage is excluded from this coverage
    • 2020-2021 USDBF Event/ Festival Insurance
      • 10 Paddler Boat Racing
        • 2-25 Teams = $42.00 per team
        • 26-50 Teams = $33.00 per team
        • 51+ Teams = $23.00 per team
      • 20 Paddler Boat Racing
        • 2-25 teams = $84.00 per team
        • 26-50 teams = $66.00 per team
        • 51+ teams = $45.00 per team
    • Additional Insured certificates @ $25.00 per certificate.
    • No. of golf carts or ATVs @ $20 per vehicle
    • Administration & Processing Fee $115.00
    • General Proof of insurance is included at no charge.
  • Club Annual Liability Insurance
    • The USDBF Annual Club liability: covers a club and its members for general club activities on and off the water including but not limited to; practices, training, club specific fundraising, recruiting, club picnics, bbq’s banquets, meetings, and demonstrations. Please note, Event/Festival insurance is excluded from this coverage, Liquor liability is also excluded.
    • The Annual Premium for the USDBF policy depends on usage. It is rated on the number of paddler’s days the club estimates during a season. Example on how to calculate a paddler day can be found on the USDBF Annual club application (pg. 2 at the bottom).  The rating tier is as follows for the 2019- 2020 USDBF season. 
      • 2020-2021 USDBF Annual Club rating tiers
        • 1-5,000 Paddler Days = $343.00
        • 5,001 – 10,000 Paddler days = $645.00
        • 10,000 + no limit Paddler Days = $ 971.00 
    • Additional Insured Certificates are $ 25.00 per certificate. 
    • Program Administration Fee $115.00
    • General Proof of insurance is included with your Annual Club renewal. 
All members seeking renewal of or applying for insurance will need to read and agree to abide by USDBF safety guidelines.

We have adopted the IDBF safety guidelines as it relates to Dragon Boating in the United States as our safety guidelines. These guidelines can be found on the IDBF website ( as the water safety policy. 

If a member is considering using golf carts for an event, there is a newly developed USDBF Golf Cart Policy that will need to be abided by as well.

Lastly, the USDBF has created an additional Safety Addendum that will need to be signed by all members seeking USDBF insurance.
Insurance Processing Contacts:
Please email or fax Insurance applications to one of the following:
Maria Liquori –
Senior Paddlesport Insurance Administrator

All Festival/Event applications must be mailed to the following address with respective premium to:
Jacka-Liquori Agency, Inc
121 Pulaski Road
Kings Park, NY 11754
Phone: 631-269-9696
Fax: 631-269-9696