Team USA Selection Criteria

If you are interested in trying out for TEAM USA or getting more information about training plans for a particular crew, please complete this paddler information form and send to the email address/es listed below for the crews for which you would be interested in more information.
*If you are interested in more than one crew, please make sure that you indicate all the crews you are interested in on your form and send to the each of the email addresses associated with those crews listed below.

Paddler Information Form
Senior B Open Timetable

Team USA U24 Mixed Open & Women

U18 Open (coming soon)
U18 Women (coming soon)
U18 Mixed (coming soon)

U16 Open (coming soon)
U16 Women (coming soon)
U16 Mixed (coming soon)

Congratulations to the following

2015 USDBF TEAM USA Coaches!

Premier Open: Bob McNamara

Premier Women: Hype Mattingly

Premier Mixed: Co-Coaches Bob McNamara and Hype Mattingly

Senior A Open: Jim Schumacher with Asst. Coach Wojtek Wasilewski

Senior A Women: Joann Fegley with Asst. Coach Megan Kress

Senior A Mixed: Co-Coaches Jim Schumacher and Joann Fegley

assisted by Wojtek Wasilewski and Megan Kress

Senior B Open: Mike Gaughn

Senior B Women: Lisa Stangl

Senior B Mixed: Curtis Chiaverotti

Senior C Open: John Dyer

Senior C Women: Robin Parker

Senior C Mixed: Garf Cooper

U24 Mixed: Randy Ng with Asst. Coach Monica Louie

U16 Women and Mixed Assistant Coach: Dave Nelson

We look forward to watching the 2015 TEAM USA Coaches work together to build our strongest national team to date.  

The USDBF TEAM USA Selection Crew would like to reopen the application process for the following coaching positions:

U24 Open U24 Women

U18 Open U18 Women U18 Mixed

U16 Open U16 Women U16 Mixed